Want to open an Indoor Paintball Field? We can help!

If you are working to toward the goal of Entrepreneurship, we understand it can be a bit frustrating and scary. There are many road blocks you will have to navigate and you probably have a lot of questions:
  • How do I deal with the city?
  • What guns should I buy?
  • Do I need netting?
  • What should I put on the floors?
  • How much space do I need?
  • Which masks should I use?
  • How do you clean up paintballs indoors?
  • What insurance do I need?
An Indoor Paintball Franchise can have huge rewards

GatSplat has spent over 10 years fine tuning system that is one of the most profitable paintball models in the industry. We are now working with individuals who want to own a unique business opportunity. At GatSplat, we realize our success ultimately depends upon your success. The entire GatSplat team will work with you to assist you in deploying our proven concept and our system for our unique indoor paintball model. We will provide the training and on going support to help you master the procedures necessary to make your business rewarding, efficient, and profitable.

A GatSplat Indoor Paintball Field is a truly unique concept as our business model takes the popularity and and excitement of paintball, and models it to a family-friendly entertainment center. We provide you with a successful method for running business, a fully developed program, a professional business management system, complete training, web site management and optimization, on-line booking and waiver system, marketing promotions and continuous support.


GatSplat Indoor Paintball Field Ownership Benefits:


  1. The GatSplat Indoor Paintball Facility requires being open only 3-4 days per week allowing for more free time for the owner.
  2. The main product SKU’s, paintballs, have an extremely long shelf life which virtually eliminates waste and spoilage associated with other franchise models such as food service industries.
  3. GatSplat is the only national indoor paintball franchise or license so you will not have the competition found in other franchise offerings like trampoline or bounce house businesses.
  4. Running a GatSplat facility requires no previous experience in paintball.
  5. The GatSplat model affords a very low COGS and and extremely high net profit per customer versus other industries.



The GatSplat program will help you open your doors for business armed with knowledge to have you hit the ground running and keep you operating at full capacity.

  • Corporate-based and on-site training.
  • Assistance obtaining necessary equipment and supplies.
  • A detailed, confidential operations manual.
  • Customized POS system.
  • Customized on line booking waiver and promotions software
  • Complete Web Page including Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing guidance.
  • A network of trained and experienced corporate team members, complete with marketing, operations and training teams.
  • Periodic on-site support, plus access to our remote support center