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Location Size

An ideal size for a GatSplat facility can vary from 17,000 – 30,000 square feet. It is very possible to do a smaller size, especially if adding a GatSplat to an existing facility that already has storage, restrooms, etc.

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Startup Costs

There is an initial fee of $7,500 for the startup consulting and training. The actual cost of starting a business is much harder to pin point. There can be a huge variation in what starting or expanding a business can cost. We have an entire page dedicated to this question: GatSplat Startup Costs.

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Financial requirements

To purchase or license a GatSplat, we ask that you have a credit score of 700 or more, a net worth of $200,000, and the required liquid capital of $50,000. Now of course this can vary, and more or less money may be necessary depending on many factors including location.

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If you don’t meet the financial requirements, you may want to bring on an active, or silent partner. Any partner in the business will be required to agree to and sign the licensing agreement.

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GatSplat does not offer financing at this time. You will need to come up with the required financing to start your company.

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Licensing fee

The licensing fee is $1,000 a month.

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Included Benefits

A license affords you access to propitiatory GatSplat products such as GatSplat paintballs, GatSplat Fill Stations, Custom GatSplat Games, Web Page Placement, Search Engine Optimization, access to emergency rental equipment, Customized Vantora Software and unlimited consulting with all aspects of the business operations.

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Business Startup Assistance

The GatSplat team will guide you through all phases of the business startup. Starting with site selection, we will guide you and give advice on the best place to run your facility. Then, working with our architects, we will evaluate the best way to model, and remodel your space. Having been through the construction phase multiple times, we can point you toward the best way to get things done, and make sure your contracts are within reasonable budgets. We have the sources for all necessary equipment, including custom cleaning equipment, the proper netting, astro turf, sourcing the furniture, compressors, rental equipment and more. Then we will train you and your manager in our facility, to assure that you have a firm grasp and understanding of all aspects of the business.

During the preparation for your grand opening we will teach you how to use your custom provided web page, reservation and waiver software, promotional email programs and more. As you get going, we will help you and assist in optimizing the profitability of your facility to assure you have an on going venture that will provide you with the maximum return on your time and investment.

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Location requirements

A successful location should have a relatively affluent demographic population of at least 200,000 within a 40 minute drive.

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Marketing assistance

Building sales requires a multi pronged effort. The GatSplat team will assist you in building your clientele with proven systems, software, and marketing techniques. Of course the real secret to building sales is to provide an exceptional customer experience to spur repeat and referral business.

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Up to two people are included in the training process as part of the initial consulting fee. Additional staff may attend for a fee.

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Steps to Starting

There are six main steps to owning a GatSplat:

  1. Sign Your License Agreement
  2. Visit GatSplat facility in Lewisville, TX
  3. Secure Your Location
  4. Return to GatSplat to complete Training
  5. Build & Outfit Your Facility
  6. Open Your Store

The time to complete these steps is heavily dependent upon the time it takes you to locate, secure and finish out the facility location. It should take between 3 and 6 months to complete all steps. unless construction delays add additional time to the time table.

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