Is Gatsplat Right For You?

There are many aspects that make GatSplat Paintball Field Franchise a special and unique business. And Paintball Birthday Partiesthese aspects also make it a very unique business opportunity. Paintball fields have typically been geared toward high school kids and older. Paintball had a reputation for being painful. The number one question we always heard was, “Does it hurt?”. Truthfully, yes. It used to. But the GatSplat Paintball field franchise model has dramatically reduced the sting, and now kids as young as 6 or 7 can easily participate.

If you think back to when you were that age, we all wanted to play army man, or cops and robbers, or cowboys and indians, and today it’s no different. From early ages kids are marketed to by game manufacturers with shoot ’em up games because they realize the kids want to participate in that entertainment. But parents don’t want kids sitting on the couch, and they don’t want them getting hurt. Getting the video controller and tv remotes out of their hands and getting a paintball marker in their hands at a GatSplat facility is a perfect solution.

Paintball Field Franchise that promotes Birthday Parties

Birthday parties will be the lions share of your business. The outside the home birthday party business generates more than 2.5 billion dollars a year. And the 7-14 year old crowd is really left out of the market space. They are getting too old to enjoy pizza places and bounce houses. Parents are not happy with the poor safety records of trampoline centers, and kids get bored rapidly.

Gatsplat Paintball Field Franchises will focus on making sure the kids have fun, but just as important is assuring that the parents who are bringing the kids feel comfortable, at ease, and enjoy the entire experience as much as their children. Assuring a smooth integrated system from web presences through the on-line booking and waiver process. Helpful and considerate staff, clean facilities, spacious lobby with ample seating, large viewing wall of glass to watch the children play. These are just some of the features and amenities that create the GatSplat experience.

GatSplat was created, designed, and fine tuned to address this extremely profitable market segment. An entire segment of the demographic that would love paintball was being excluded. GatSplat was the first paintball field in the country to embrace this segment. Systems were developed and perfected to attract, market, promote and profit from the younger paintball players.

Is A GatSplat Paintball Field Franchise limited to Birthdays?

Absolutely not! You will also tap into lucrative revenue streams such as school activities, bachelor parties and corporate team building events. Let’s be honest… you are contemplating leaving your job to own a paintball facility. Wouldn’t you love to shoot your boss? And many companies use paintball for these types of events because of the exciting, adrenaline filled outing that also requires and promotes team work and communication.

Built-in marketing and promotions through email, social media and web promotions counterfulldrive a non-ending stream of satisfied customers through the door. While outdoor paintball fields depend on good weather, and indoor paintball fields depend on poor weather to bring in business, GatSplat depends on superior customer service, a creative business model and fine tuned policies and procedures to assure a revenue stream no matter the time of year or associated weather.

An indoor climate controlled environment lends it’s own special requirements for cleaning, what equipment to use, how to maintain the facilities, how to maximize the player turn over and assuring a satisfied customer base while maximizing profits. The GatSplat Franchise team will work with you as a new Franchisee to empower you with the skills, knowledge and procedures that will assist you in succeeding in your new business venture.

Do I need a lot of paintball experience?    NO!!!!

In some aspects, it will be better if you don’t! The GatSplat Paintball Field Franchise model is so drastically different than standard paintball fields, the individual who is new to paintball is many times easier for us to work with than ones with years of experience.

What you do need is a strong drive to succeeded. You need the ability to communicate with your customers, the parents, the kids. You need to have, or to hire individuals that are good at dealing with your employees. You need the discipline to follow the procedures we out line for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about a GatSplat Paintball Field Franchise offering, click below to continue your education of our systems.
Are you the right choice for Gatsplat?