The difference between a Franchise and a License Agreement

Perhaps the best way to explain it would be to look at a well known license model – Starbucks. Most Starbucks locations are actually company owned business, but for way of example, lets suppose the free standing Starbucks – or a Starbucks in a strip mall would be an example of a Franchise.

But you have probably been to a grocery store, or in a hotel, etc, and seen that they have an area set up for selling Starbucks branded items. That is a Licensed store. So, on the picture on the right, you can see a Tom Thumb grocery store sign, and there is a smaller Starbucks sign below it. Or maybe you’ve seen the round logo sign on the side of a building. Those are all licensed models.

Let’s explain the model of a GatSplat Licensed Facility.

A licensed facility gives the facility more control of how they want to run their business. As an example, a Franchise normally has a lot of control on what you do. A licensed model simply means we are providing Trademarked items for you to sell, and provide assistance – but the final call on what you do is still in your hands. Maybe you want to include a small cafe inside your facility – while none of the other GatSplats have that, you are free to do it if you wish. Maybe you also want to run a mobile paintball facility in your town – you can. Maybe you wish to add a GatSplat field to an existing Soccer field, or Escape room business. No Problem! It’s this type of flexibility that allows you to still be in control and still tap into the incredible success that a GatSplat model affords.

If you have business experience, and just want to add, or modify your business to include the GatSplat low impact with your business this is ideal. As examples, we’ve been talking to an indoor paintball field that was more geared toward tournament play, and using reball, but now has decided they might want to change to a GatSplat model. By licensing, they can keep their existing signage, tax status, payroll company, etc. They will just add “Now featuring GatSplat Low Impact Paintball” and make minor modifications to their existing company to accommodate the GatSplat business.

Another example might be a company that has a large indoor family entertainment center, but has some extra square footage in the building that is not utilized, and they can add GatSplat Paintball to their, skating rink, bounce house, trampoline business, etc.

So while there are still certain requirements for your licensed GatSplat, even if starting from scratch, it’s just a method of getting the advantages of a GatSplat model without a lot of the restrictions and costs of doing a Franchise.

The cost of Licensing is a flat fee of $1,000 a month. There is also an initial consulting fee and training on how to run a GatSplat that is $7,500. These fees includes having the business on the GatSplat web pages, the booking and waiver software, a POS system (if needed) and promo email campaign software.

Also included with the License is periodic business consulting and purchase of GatSplat custom branded paintballs at below market pricing.