Why a GatSplat Facility?

Do I need paintball experience?

No! Paintball experience is not necessary. Desire to succeed is!
In fact our founder, Larry, has only played paintball a hand full of times. Attention to making sure your customers have the time of your life is your secret to success!

Low cost options for starting a paintball field

Low initial Start Up Costs

Well below other comparable business opportunities.
With flexible options for how you want to format your facility, starting a profitable business could start for less that $100,000. Now a lot depends on where you are, and what resources you already have – but to start planning, check out our costs page.

Limited Days Open

Limited Days and Hours

Mainly a Weekend Business
A business should enhance your life – not be your life! GatSplat facilities are typically open 4 days a week average. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, then a day or so during the week for some clean up, an occasional team building event, and an extra day during the week during summer vacation time, or holidays during the school year.

Leverage our Expertise

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel
GatSplat really invented this model. Many have tried to copy it, but they fall short of the success that we’ve experienced as we have fine tuned all aspects to make a model that gives you the greatest chance of success! Instead of starting from scratch, join a team that has had years of success and jump start your business.

Operate a business based on fun!

Everyone coming to a GatSplat is there to have a good time!
There is something very rewarding and low stress about running a business where everyone comes and goes with a smile on their face! We are in the business of selling a good time. Just provide some good customer service with our model, and you will have people talking about what a fantastic place your GatSplat is for a party!